As you know, our world is going through unprecedented times, and every facet of our society is going through massive upheaval.

Because of that, we just wanted to give you a heads up that our fulfillment center is under "shelter in place" orders and currently creating & shipping products slower than usual. We've been told that they expect most products to ship about 10 days from your date of order. The shipping carriers are also indicating significant delays in their system.

Realistically, we expect your products to arrive 2-4 weeks from now if you're in the US. It'll be a little longer if you're outside the US.

We're actively monitoring all orders and are working around the clock to speed things up.

We understand this is an inconvenience and we are so grateful for your patience. We really appreciate you sticking with us, and we can't thank you enough for your support!




  • Why is my package shipped internationally?
  • Within the past couple of months, the world’s transportation infrastructure has turned upside-down. We used to ship everything directly from our warehouse in Chicago, but in order to shave off a few extra transit weeks, we ship a small selection of our products directly from our manufacturer. We’ve hired a dedicated quality control and fulfillment team in Guangdong to make sure our highest standards are met like normal. We hope you understand that we have our customers’ best interest in mind with this temporary solution, and we’re happy that it’s been making everything run at least a little faster! 


  • My tracking number is not updating?
  • If you have received a tracking number but it hasn’t been updating for a while, don’t worry. This is due to the heavy strain that the shipping companies are now facing on their systems so it’s more of a tracking system delay than that it is a problem with your package. Your package is very much being shipped, tracking updates might just come later. As you can read above, we’re not using our normal USPS and UPS shipping lines for this product, and even though we’re grateful for the direct line, tracking software is not reflecting as real-time as that we normally like. Again, this doesn’t mean it’s not underway to you!


  • I haven’t received any tracking at all?
  • If you haven’t received a tracking number at all this could be due to the same issue as above: Shipping companies are facing delays not just with the actual distribution and movement packages, but also with data entry. Your package may already be underway but there might also be delays with the inputting of tracking numbers into the systems.