Copy of Women's Posture Corrector

$37.00 $29.60

Copy of Women's Posture Corrector

$37.00 $29.60
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  • Description

    Things are about to get better. We’ve got your back (get it?).

    Introducing the Berlin and Daughter Women’s Posture Corrector.

    Attack the Root of the Problem

    Therapies and treatments are great, but wouldn’t it be smarter to attack the problem at the source? Poor posture not only causes pain but fatigue – both mentally and physically. This device gently brings your body into good posture, targeting these problems at the source.

    Very Discreet - Can Even Be Worn Under Clothing

    This soft, lightweight device is subtle and easy to conceal. While most women find it more comfortable to be worn over their clothing, it can absolutely be worn under clothing as well. We find it’s generally most comfortable to wear this device over a thin undershirt. Layer this with a darker-colored shirt on top, and nobody will even know you’re wearing it.

    A Great Option for Women who Workout

    This device is an ideal solution to pain induced from intense workouts and/or injuries. In fact, this device is gentle enough to wear even while you’re working out! This is not possible with the other, more restrictive posture correctors on the market.

    Fits Women of ALL Shapes and Sizes

    This product was designed by a woman to fit women of all body types. Whether you’re big-chest, curvy, skinny or athletic, this device is guaranteed to fit or your money back. This device comes in various sizes, and there is even some extra wiggle room depending on tightly you fasten the straps. This ensures a perfect fit every time. We generally recommend ordering this device in the same size t-shirt you wear (if you wear an M in t-shirt, order this device in M also). However, for a complete sizing/fit guide, click here.

    Stop Hunching At the Office

    It’s impossible to focus on your work and your posture at the same time. Wearing this device acts as a gentle reminder to keep yourself in good posture while you’re sitting at your desk.

    A Gentler Approach

    Most of the other posture correctors you see on the market were designed for movers and construction workers. We believe in a much gentler approach. Our soft and stretchy device gently GUIDES you into correct posture, rather than using restrictive force.

    Save Money on Chiropractor Visits

    Chiropractors are great but they can be very costly. Wearing this device will prevent your shoulders from hunching forward, thus reducing the need to spend money on expensive chiropractor visits.

    HSA/FSA Approved

    If your company provides you with an HSA/FSA account, you can use those funds to purchase this device.

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