Love my Posture Corrector!

Alex was so helpful and generous in getting me the correct size. I wear it each day for the recommended time and when I'm not wearing it I continue to be aware of my posture. My Chiropractor thinks it's great, too. Thanks so much. Barbara W, California

Barbara W, California
neck pain GONE

 I LOVE THIS THING!! My posture has immensely improved and my neck pain is GONE. After I first put it on it didn't really pull my shoulders back enough, so I contacted the seller and they were super nice explaining how to use it. I now pull the straps further down (until my shoulders are where I want them) and then I close the band around my waist instead of around my bra line. Really so happy with it, I can wear it under my clothing but the strappy back also makes it nice enough to just wear in the gym over my top! HIGHLY recommend, great seller!

so worth it!

Worth the purchase! I have tried to wear it consistently but the few times I have worn it, I have noticed reduced pain in my back and shoulders. I am also more aware of my bad posture now. I would say this product is definitely worth the purchase. However, you need to stick to a routine with it to notice any improvements. Also, the company was a charm to work with. Really good customer service when I needed to exchange a medium for a small

Best of 4 I've tried!

Best of 4 posture devices I have tried. Most comfortable worn over a shirt but not bad under. Start wearing gradually to get used to it. Really helped with thoracic and right shoulder pain.

I love this thing so much!

I love this so much! I've been waiting to get one of these for a while and I love the adorable strappy back. Makes me want to just wear it out as well. At least feel like I can just wear it in front of my roommates. Immediately puts my posture in the right position. They recommend wearing these for just a little bit each day to train your body to remember the right posture, not to replace your own muscle strength lol. I've been wearing it mostly during tasks around the home. Yesterday at work I noticed I remembered to sit up straight much more often, without even wearing it! Definitely works. Super happy with it.

Tae Hyun Nam
love it

It’s super easy to put on. My husband and I share it and he likes it too. It was originally just for me but he’s really into fitness and he’s almost more into it than I am. I feel like my body’s alignment actually looks like those info graphics for correct posture now! My neck pain is GONE. 5/5

saw this at the gym, glad I got it

I saw someone at the gym wearing this. I thought I would check out the price tag and I was pleased so I made the purchase. This is a great deal and I love the way this one looks. As other reviewers have said, it really does improve your posture and there’s no need to wear it all the time. I just wear it while working out and while walking the dog, and throughout the whole day my posture is better.

Egli Maliqis
thank you!!

THIS FEELS SOO GOOD when you put it on! Instantly relieves pain, pressure, tiredness. The thing itself is pretty comfy too. Yes, it’s restricting because it’s meant to restrict your slouching. I was worried it might irritate my skin because I have weird skin like that but it’s soft enough. I wanted to improve my posture after reading about how it improves your mental health (confidence etc) as well. Didn’t expect it to feel so much better right away! And already got compliments from colleagues. Love it.

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