This support is amazing!

This support is amazing! I bought a MED but decided it was just far too small around my ribs, making it hard to breath. I contacted the seller and they not only replaced it for the next size up, but let me keep the old one to gift to someone! Great customer service! (Note: I am not a very large person (5'6" /170lbs) but my rib cage is wide (42") -the LRG is a better fit if you are of similar size.) I would definitely recommend giving this support a try!

Absolutely Amazing

This product is absolutely amazing! I have been wearing it for three days now, a few hours each day, and it’s the first since I had my children that my back is straight. This brace corrects my posture without any effort and I don’t even feel it! Nobody notices it under my clothes. I felt so happy when my husband told me that I looked taller ;) Totally worth the money.

Carlene R.
neck pain GONE

 I LOVE THIS THING!! My posture has immensely improved and my neck pain is GONE. After I first put it on it didn't really pull my shoulders back enough, so I contacted the seller and they were super nice explaining how to use it better. Really so happy with it, I can wear it under my clothing but the strappy back also makes it nice enough to just wear in the gym over my top! HIGHLY recommend, great seller!

so worth it!

Worth the purchase! I have tried to wear it consistently but the few times I have worn it, I have noticed reduced pain in my back and shoulders. I am also more aware of my bad posture now. I would say this product is definitely worth the purchase. However, you need to stick to a routine with it to notice any improvements. Also, the company was a charm to work with. Really good customer service when I needed to exchange a medium for a small

Best Customer Service

One of best customer service. Initially I had an issue on sizing, I contacted the seller, Berlin & Daughter response within reasonable time with providing recommended answers, providing solution. The seller followed up by email until the item fit well. I would give five star regarding the product and the service experience, but I would like to ask for more suggestive and accurate size guide line. Overall it is a good sturdy product, the customer service is excellent.

I love this thing so much!

I love this so much! I've been waiting to get one of these for a while and I love the adorable strappy back. Makes me want to just wear it out as well. At least feel like I can just wear it in front of my roommates. Immediately puts my posture in the right position.  I've been wearing it mostly during tasks around the home. Yesterday at work I noticed I remembered to sit up straight much more often, without even wearing it! Definitely works. Super happy with it.

Tae Hyun Nam
love it

It’s super easy to put on. My husband and I share it and he likes it too. It was originally just for me but he’s really into fitness and he’s almost more into it than I am. I feel like my body’s alignment actually looks like those info graphics for correct posture now! My neck pain is GONE. 5/5

saw this at the gym, glad I got it

I saw someone at the gym wearing this. I thought I would check out the price tag and I was pleased so I made the purchase. This is a great deal and I love the way this one looks. As other reviewers have said, it really does improve your posture and there’s no need to wear it all the time. I just wear it while working out and while walking the dog, and throughout the whole day my posture is better.

Egli Maliqis
thank you!!

THIS FEELS SOO GOOD when you put it on! Instantly relieves pain, pressure, tiredness. The thing itself is pretty comfy too. I was worried it might irritate my skin because I have weird skin like that but it’s soft enough. I wanted to improve my posture after reading about how it improves your mental health (confidence etc) as well. Didn’t expect it to feel so much better right away! And already got compliments from colleagues. Love it.

rita aronstein
Seeing an Improvement

I ordered this support because of poor posture. At 66, female, I was slowly starting to roll forward. I try and wear this daily and am seeing an improvement. My shoulders are pulled back and the saying " put your shoulders in your back pockets" is becoming easier. I recommend this to anyone experiencing the slumpy look or anyone with back pain, especially females with heavier breasts.

Linda Arnold
Exactly what I needed

Exactly what I needed. I slouch more than I should and although I don't have any major back issues (yet), I know I need something to help me with my posture. I wear it when I'm sitting at my desk which is when I'm most prone to default back to the slouch position. I would definitely measure yourself and look at the chart and not try to guess. I also like that you can easily adjust the tightness with velcro. The pictures are pretty straight forward, but it also comes with an instructions card.

less pain in my upper back and neck!

I just received my posture corrector and I wasn’t sure if it fit right so I emailed Alex from the company and she immediately responded and helped me with the fitting. I’m 5’5” 168lbs and I ordered a Medium. I thought it needed to be tighter but she said it should feel like a gentle reminder not to tight. If I want it tighter I can adjust the straps around my waist. It is perfect. I’m wearing it today and so far I feel less pain in my upper back and neck!

Brooklyn Orr
Very happy with my purchase

I absolutely do like this Berlin & Daughter Posture Corrector. I was ok walking but slumping when sitting.. I bought this posture corrector to help remind me to sit up straight. I have been using this product for about 3 weeks. i am definitely more conscious of my sitting posture now than I was before. I find it very easy to put on and I attach the Velcro ends around my waist. I find it comfortable enough to wear for up to a hour at a time.. Very happy with my purchase.

Sunny S
100% recommended!

Thanks Alex for this amazing product. You can really feel the difference after using it. It is not only this product that will help you correct the posture, but it certainly helps. The fact that it is elastic and not so rigid is why I chose it before other offers and I think it was a good choice. It has also protection to prevent the armpits to be irritated. 100% recommended!

Spreading the word about this product!

I often suffer from tired shoulders and neck pain due to poor posture which is why I purchased this corrector. Although the size I ordered was too big, I could feel the difference in my posture despite the size. The corrector is very easy to put on, soft, and easy to adjust. I noticed a note in my package indicating if I had ANY problems, they would reply within minutes to help. They did! Thank you so much and I’ll definitely be spreading the word about this product!

Janine S
happy with the results so far!

I got my posture corrector a few weeks ago. It has helped - mostly to remind me when I start to slouch that I need to keep my shoulders back! I am 5' 7" ~150lbs, and needed a size small. A medium was too loose. I have been using this along with some exercises provided by Alex as well as some provided to me by my chiropractor. I am happy with the results so far! I mostly wear it when I'm doing dishes or things around the house for short periods of time. Thank you!

I could not be more impressed

I could not be more impressed with this company! I reached out with some questions after ordering and Alex responded that same day and was SO helpful! She even sent me some stretches to help with my back issues. The brace itself is comfortable and you can really feel how it “reminds” you to pull your shoulders back and improve your posture. So excited about this product after a year of breastfeeding and chasing a toddler around my back is destroyed and desperately needed this!

David Wingert
Definitely worth the money!

I absolutely love this product because it’s comfortable and it works! Because there’s heavy duty elastic it moves with your body. It also stays in place and it’s comfortable to wear under clothes. The seller is fabulous because they give you guidelines on how to use it which to me made all the difference in the world. Definitely worth the money and worth trying out!

Joanne S.
This is a tremendous help

I recently had my 2nd lower back surgery. I noticed after a few weeks that I was favoring my back and since I was walking with a cane, I was hunched over. This caused neck pain. I have been using this daily and it is a tremendous help. My neck is rarely bothering me and I remember now more so to straighten my shoulders and back. Thank you.

Connie E Smith

Hi! I started this little company three years ago because I was so tired of being tired all the time. My mom used to put on this tiny little backpack after a long day of teaching and wear it with the straps super tight around her shoulders to get some instant posture relief! I decided we could make something much more effective. Running this business is a dream come true, and I'm filled with gratitude every day when I read your emails about how life-changingly better you feel. I love you all!


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