FAQ & Sizing Help

What size posture corrector should I order?
Sizes are based generally on shirt sizes! If you fall in between sizes, we recommend ordering a size down.
If you are unsure, measure the circumference of your torso at the level of your sternum and refer to the guide below.
  • 26-28 inches: extra small
  • 28-32/33 inches: small
  • 33-38 inches: medium
  • 38-41 inches: large
  • 41-44 inches: extra large
  • 45+ inches: extra extra large

What do I need to know to make full use of the posture corrector?
- Consult a medical professional before use
- Wear the corrector for 30 minutes up to an hour, each use, for the first week
- After the first week, feel free to increase wear duration to one hour up to a maximum of three hours
- Begin learning how to engage your core. This is especially helpful when you are not wearing the corrector
- In between uses, perform stretching exercises (target hamstrings and both lower and upper back)
- If you feel sore after wearing, discontinue use for a few days.
- Drink plenty of water during and after corrector use.
- When not wearing the corrector, try everyday to engage the core muscles that keep your spine in alignment. Alongside the use of the corrector and the use of stretching, engaging your core muscles may benefit spinal and postural alignment if done correctly.

How long do I wear it?
In the beginning, we suggest 20-40 minutes a day. If you feel a strain or any soreness, make sure to give your body at least one day to rest. We don’t suggest wearing it longer than 3 hours at a time, so you don’t start to rely on it. It is meant to be a tool to help you rebuild and strengthen your posture; the corrector should not be doing all the work ;)

Can I wear it while I work out?
Yes you can! Just make sure to give your body some rest every now and then if you feel any strain. We suggest you wear an athletic shirt underneath the corrector when you work out to prevent any chafing.

Can you see it under clothes?
It’s easy to hide if you want it to be invisible. It will show under tight fitting or sheer clothes, but for the most part, it is easy to hide. Nurses love wearing it under their scrubs!

Can I exchange my corrector for another size?
You definitely can! We don’t want you in the wrong size, so just shoot us a message, and we’ll get you taken care of :)

Can I exchange or return my activewear?
You definitely can! We don’t want you in the wrong size, so just shoot us a message, and we’ll get you taken care of :)

Returns are always possible, as long as the clothing tag is still attached. You can of course try on the set, but to make sure we can give a full refund, please don't actively wear or wash it. Our team is here to help if you need a different size! Just message us and we'll help you out.

My corrector is damaged, what do I do?
Let us know! Very rarely it can happen that there’s a small stitchting defect, and that doesn’t do you any good! Send us a message and we will get a replacement sent out ASAP :)

Where are you located?
Our headquarters are in Kansas, and we ship from Chicago, Illinois. 

What if my posture corrector not tight enough?
There are two ways to wear this posture corrector, for medium and for extra pull on the shoulders. If it's not tight enough: fasten waist straps down towards the belly button as far as needed to get some extra pull on the shoulders. See this video for instructions. 

My size isn't here, can you create bigger/smaller sizes?
Drop us a line as we'll see what we can do! We're always looking to accommodate our customers’ needs by expanding our size range. 

Will it feel uncomfortable?
Adjusting your posture can be a little uncomfortable, just like stretching or getting a good workout. This is because your body is realigning into it's new, healthier position. For the best results, during the initial seven days, wear your posture corrector for 20 minutes each day, preferably when standing. You may experience some discomfort in the first week. This is due to the physical realignment of your muscles and body. It means it's working! If you feel any pain, however, please discontinue use.

Do you have it in any other colors?
Unfortunately we only supply this in black at the moment.

Can I sleep in it?
It is possible, however, we do not recommend it. Generally, we advise to initially wear for a maximum of 30 minutes (during the day) to allow an easier transition. Within a few weeks, feel free to increase duration.

There’s a pinching around my armpits, is this normal?
This experience varies from person to person. We recommend wearing a shirt underneath the corrector if this occurs to make it more comfortable.

What are the posture correctors composed of?
Our corrector is composed of polyester, spandex, and cotton