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Lower Back Posture Corrector
Lower Back Posture Corrector

Lower Back Posture Corrector

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Some call it an occupational hazard but sitting down for long periods of time can do more harm than good to your body in the long run. That is, until the
Lower Back Posture Corrector from Berlin & Daughter came along.


The Lower Back Posture Corrector not only helps you ensure your posture is excellent while you are sitting down, it also offers relief from lower back pain by teaching your body how to sit properly. It is portable, easy to use and convenient to have around. It is perfect for anyone who needs to sit down a lot so get your own Lower Back Posture Corrector now!


  • Made with breathable fabric and durable nylon straps
  • Easily packs into its very own easy-carry zippered pouch
  • Straps can be adjusted with ease so they can fit around the legs perfectly
  • Padded knee and waist support for utmost comfort
  • Maintain the correct posture and ease lower back pain at the same time