Men's Posture Corrector

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Men's Posture Corrector

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  • Our best-selling posture corrector is now available for men!

    Packed with love and sent out from Chicago within 2 business days. 

     "Best of 4 posture devices I have tried. Most comfortable worn over a shirt but not bad under. Start wearing gradually to get used to it. Really helped with thoracic and right shoulder pain." — Sarah

     "Worth the purchase! I have tried to wear it consistently but the few times I have worn it, I have noticed reduced pain in my back and shoulders. I am also more aware of my bad posture now. I would say this product is definitely worth the purchase. However, you need to stick to a routine with it to notice any improvements. Also, the company was a charm to work with. Really good customer service when I needed to exchange a medium for a small." — Libby B

     "I LOVE THIS THING!! My posture has immensely improved and my neck pain is GONE. After I first put it on it didn't really pull my shoulders back enough, so I contacted the seller and they were super nice explaining how to use it. I now pull the straps further down (until my shoulders are where I want them) and then I close the band around my waist instead of around my bra line. Really so happy with it, I can wear it under my clothing but the strappy back also makes it nice enough to just wear in the gym over my top! HIGHLY recommend, great seller!" — GB


    As we spend more and more time hunched over a screen, our upper back bends over and our head pushes forward. Over time, bad posture can hurt your back, neck, and spine, causing not only upper back pain but also more serious problems like a hunchback.

    Features & Benefits:

    • IMPROVE POSTURE: Train your muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment.
    • FEEL BETTER: Reduce pain, tiredness, lethargy and discomfort, and increase your looks and confidence.
    • STRONG & COMFORTABLE: Our durable and comfortable design allows effective assistance while being comfortable to wear. The cushioned straps pull your shoulders back and push your chest forward.
    • UNIQUE DESIGN - Made of lightweight, stretchy fabric with dura-stitching. High-quality material enables the brace to retain its shape and effectiveness over time.
    • TWO WAYS TO WEAR - Close the waistband around your sternum for medium pull on the shoulders, OR close the waistband around your bellybutton for extra pull on the shoulders. See this video for instructions.
    • FIT - If it’s too tight, reach out to us right away and we’ll make sure you get the correct size sent to you! We’re here to make you happy.


    1. Insert arms through loops like a backpack
    2. Pull straps down, as far as needed to pull shoulders back
    3. Attach band around waist or torso. See this video explaining the two ways your can wear this posture corrector. 

    It's okay if there's a mild discomfort, that's your body adjusting! For the first few weeks, wear for just 20 minutes a day, preferably when standing.



     "I love this so much! I've been waiting to get one of these for a while and I love the adorable strappy back. Makes me want to just wear it out as well. At least feel like I can just wear it in front of my roommates. Immediately puts my posture in the right position. They recommend wearing these for just a little bit each day to train your body to remember the right posture, not to replace your own muscle strength lol. I've been wearing it mostly during tasks around the home. Yesterday at work I noticed I remembered to sit up straight much more often, without even wearing it! Definitely works. Super happy with it." — Tae Hyun Nam

     "It’s super easy to put on. My husband and I share it and he likes it too. It was originally just for me but he’s really into fitness and he’s almost more into it than I am. I feel like my body’s alignment actually looks like those info graphics for correct posture now! My neck pain is GONE. 5/5" — Justinnovations

     "I saw someone at the gym wearing this. I thought I would check out the price tag and I was pleased so I made the purchase. This is a great deal and I love the way this one looks. As other reviewers have said, it really does improve your posture and there’s no need to wear it all the time. I just wear it while working out and while walking the dog, and throughout the whole day my posture is better." — Egli Maliqis

     "THIS FEELS SOO GOOD when you put it on! Instantly relieves pain, pressure, tiredness. The thing itself is pretty comfy too. Yes, it’s restricting because it’s meant to restrict your slouching. I was worried it might irritate my skin because I have weird skin like that but it’s soft enough. I wanted to improve my posture after reading about how it improves your mental health (confidence etc) as well. Didn’t expect it to feel so much better right away! And already got compliments from colleagues. Love it." — rita aronstein

     "Ever since I started wearing this posture corrector my upper back pain has decreased immensely! All the daily things, like working at my desk, or lifting a heavy bag, feels so much easier now that my posture is so much better. And everybody has been giving me compliments too! I feel much less tense and much more confident. I’m so happy I bought this!!" — RC

     "Exactly what I needed. I slouch more than I should and although I don't have any major back issues (yet), I know I need something to help me with my posture. I wear it when I'm sitting at my desk which is when I'm most prone to default back to the slouch position. I would definitely measure yourself and look at the chart and not try to guess. I also like that you can easily adjust the tightness with velcro. The pictures are pretty straight forward, but it also comes with an instructions card." — soph

     "I bought a size large because I have larger shoulders and I thought this would fit. Large ended up being a bit too big and I wasn't feeling enough tug. So I contacted Berlin and Daughter to exchange my large for a different size and got a hold of Alex. She was super nice and SO helpful. I was able to get the right size I needed only a couple of days later! She really went above and beyond to help me. Plus, the corrector works really well - I only wear it for about 20 minutes every hour or so a day so far and I can already feel my shoulders straightening and feeling better. Great product and GREAT people!!!" — Grace Smith

     "This product is absolutely amazing! I have been wearing it for three days now, a few hours each day, and it’s the first since I had my children that my back is straight. This brace corrects my posture without any effort and I don’t even feel it! Nobody notices it under my clothes. I felt so happy when my husband told me that I looked taller ;) Totally worth the money." — Carlene R

     "Love this brace! it isn't uncomfortable against my arm pits like some other braces I've tried and the extra strap makes for better stability. Great customer service as well! I would definitely recommend paying a little more for this brace instead of wasting your money on the cheaper ones."— cody

    "It works!!! This is a really great product!!! I bought it with the thought that it'll help my back pain. Sadly, it didn't fit me, so I had my friend try it out. I could tell a difference!! I just wish it could fit me. I'm 5' and only 100 lbs, so I'm not super surprised because it's hard to find things for me. If they had an x-small size I would definitely buy it!" — Amazon Customer

     "I purchased this after researching several posture correctors and thought the design looked the most comfortable. I ordered a small which ended up being too tight, but seller resolved quickly. I have now been using the product for a week (20 min per day) and can say that it has made a huge difference in my posture. I have a pectoralis minor injury that I am trying to heal by correcting my posture and after having pain for 2 years, I can honestly say that I have no more pain. This is a great product that is backed by a really nice company. Highly recommend." — KLE

     "Im so happy with this product. It’s comfortable but also helps shift my rotator cuffs back. Been wearing it when I do computer work and Ive already seen some great results with my posture."— Haley

     " I bought a large but ended up needing a medium because I wasn't feeling enough pull on my shoulders. So, I contacted Berlin and Daughter to get a smaller size. They were so nice and helpful. I received the smaller size a few days later. This posture corrector is comfy to wear and works great!" — Amanda 

     "I wish my parents had been strict with me about standing up straight! Instead, I have four decades of sloppy posture to correct, and it is only getting worse as I spend long hours working at a computer. I have used this posture corrector for just under a month and I'm already noticing marked improvements. I've been following the directions of using it for a short period of time each day. The benefit of this posture corrector is that it provides an adjustment and a stretch, so that when I'm NOT wearing it, not only are my shoulders learning where they should go, they have been stretched in such a way to make this possible. It is now uncomfortable if I don't stand or sit up straight, and I've experienced far less neck, shoulder, and back pain. I highly recommend this product as a way to unlearn some bad postural habits." — Dahlia McGregor

     "I ordered this support because of poor posture. At 66, female, I was slowly starting to roll forward. I try and wear this daily and am seeing an improvement. My shoulders are pulled back and the saying " put your shoulders in your back pockets" is becoming easier. I recommend this to anyone experiencing the slumpy look or anyone with back pain, especially females with heavier breasts." — Linda Arnold

     "This is brilliant in it’s simplicity! I have tried others that I have not been able to maneuver my torso around (because of rods in my back) to adjust. Very easy fit as it is adjusted as to where you place it on shoulders, and hooks in front. As I’ve gotten older since breaking my back my posture (especially when tired) has gotten to be terrible. This is the first thing I have found that I can tolerate with minimal trouble and discomfort to correct my posture. My only complaint is that there was no sizing chart on the website. I wear a 14-16, and thankfully chose the right size the first time which is L." — Miss priss

    "One of best customer service. Initially I had an issue on sizing, I contacted the seller, Berlin & Daughter response within reasonable time with providing recommended answers, providing solution. The seller followed up by email until the item fit well. I would give five star regarding the product and the service experience, but I would like to ask for more suggestive and accurate size guide line. Overall it is a good sturdy product, the customer service is excellent." — Harriet
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Lisa V.
United States United States
ordered the wrong size

I ordered the wrong size emailed the company, Alex emailed me back right away. We chatted I sent her my bra size and sent me a new size (I just received it today and I haven't tried the new one on yet) but she didnt want me to deal with the hassle of sending the other one back, asked me to pass it on to a friend She's seriously so sweet and has kept in constant contact with me. As someone who has been in some from of customer service my whole life, Alex has given some of the best service I've ever received. She truly cares about the products and the people they help.

  • What is your bra size? 40d
  • What size did you purchase? L
Michelle P.
United States United States
Wonderful Company & Product

I choose this company due to the great price (literally sent back another posture corrector that I was way over charged for from another company). Berlin and Daughter is The Best! company to choose and the posture corrector works & is comfortable (the other I sent back from the unmentioned other company failed at both). It is so easy & refreshing to pick & get the sizing & delivery so well. My family has two & I let a coworker use mine so she fell in love too. Thanks- Happy Customer

  • What is your bra size? Small- 34B
  • What size did you purchase? S
Holli G.
United States United States
Excellent customer service!

I accidentally ordered a size bigger than I needed, however Alex was very friendly and accommodating and went above and beyond to get me the correct size! I would definitely recommend this company to a family member or friend!

  • What is your bra size? 32D
  • What size did you purchase? S
Melissa M.
United States United States
Fantastic Company

I originally ordered a small but it was to big. When I reached out to get exchange details, they were so understanding and said gift that one and we will send the right size out! The follow up to make sure I got it was perfect and they even sent me a few videos on how to properly use it and the benefits. It fits great and effortlessly puts my shoulders into proper posture without me having to constantly remind myself to do it. Highly recommend!!

  • What is your bra size? 34B
  • What size did you purchase? XS
Meghan W.
United States United States
Instant Results!

I was very pleased, because the posture corrector was comfortable and easy to wear. After a week of use, my posture was better without the brace.

  • What is your bra size? Small
  • What size did you purchase? S