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Posture Corrector - BERLIN & Daughter
Women's Posture Corrector
Women's Posture Corrector
Women's Posture Corrector
Women's Posture Corrector
Women's Posture Corrector
Women's Posture Corrector
Posture Corrector - BERLIN & Daughter

Women's Posture Corrector

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Runs a little big! If you're in between sizes, order the smaller one!

Packed with love and sent out from Chicago within 1 business day. 

If an exchange or a return is needed, please contact us before returning.

 "Best of 4 posture devices I have tried. Most comfortable worn over a shirt but not bad under. Start wearing gradually to get used to it. Really helped with thoracic and right shoulder pain." — Sarah

 "Worth the purchase! I have tried to wear it consistently but the few times I have worn it, I have noticed reduced pain in my back and shoulders. I am also more aware of my bad posture now. I would say this product is definitely worth the purchase. However, you need to stick to a routine with it to notice any improvements. Also, the company was a charm to work with. Really good customer service when I needed to exchange a medium for a small." — Libby B

 "I LOVE THIS THING!! My posture has immensely improved and my neck pain is GONE. After I first put it on it didn't really pull my shoulders back enough, so I contacted the seller and they were super nice explaining how to use it. I now pull the straps further down (until my shoulders are where I want them) and then I close the band around my waist instead of around my bra line. Really so happy with it, I can wear it under my clothing but the strappy back also makes it nice enough to just wear in the gym over my top! HIGHLY recommend, great seller!" — GB

 My review may is a little long, but it’s worth the read and very helpful... I’ve been looking for a posture corrector for some time and stumbled upon this product and loved the design and that I can wear under my clothes. Initially I ordered the wrong size and followed the insert in the package to email them directly with any issues and with 2 hours of my first email the smaller size was sent out! After receiving that one, which was still too big for me (I’m a very slim, petite woman), so I emailed them again and spoke with Alex whom I believe is one of the owners and informed them it was still to small and needed an extra small. It was no problem and they had it sent out in no time! Throughout this entire experience, the attitude and level of care on the other side of my email interaction was just amazing! I have never dealt with this level of customer service when ordering online, they were just superb. The corrector itself is just as phenomenal as the customer service. The first time wearing it, I kept it on for just about 2 hours give or take and after removing it I was still sitting and standing straight.. I’ve never had a product do that before. I’m a massage therapist specializing in medical and deep tissue massage and also a nursing student, so I know and see the medical and muscular repercussions of poor posture daily. I recommend this product to ALL of my clients with postural issues because it works and every client that has purchased it has come back thanking me 1000000x over and raving about how much better their upper back and neck feel and how much better they can breathe (yes poor posture can effect breathing and is most likely the reason for that nagging pain between you shoulder blades and across the tops of your shoulders🤔). I have been recommending this product and after the customer service experience, I will continue to send everyone I come in contact with in need of a corrector to Berlin and Daughter😊  Fanix


As we spend more and more time hunched over a screen, our upper back bends over and our head pushes forward. Over time, bad posture can hurt your back, neck, and spine, causing not only upper back pain but also more serious problems like a hunchback.

Features & Benefits:

  • IMPROVE POSTURE: Train your muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment.
  • FEEL BETTER: Reduce pain, tiredness, lethargy and discomfort, and increase your looks and confidence.
  • STRONG & COMFORTABLE: Our durable and comfortable design allows effective assistance while being comfortable to wear. The cushioned straps pull your shoulders back and push your chest forward.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Made of lightweight, stretchy fabric with dura-stitching. High-quality material enables the brace to retain its shape and effectiveness over time.
  • TWO WAYS TO WEAR - Close the waistband around your sternum for medium pull on the shoulders, OR close the waistband around your bellybutton for extra pull on the shoulders. See this video for instructions.
  • FIT - If it’s too tight, reach out to us right away and we’ll make sure you get the correct size sent to you! We’re here to make you happy.


  1. Insert arms through loops like a backpack
  2. Pull straps down, as far as needed to pull shoulders back
  3. Attach band around waist or torso. See this video explaining the two ways your can wear this posture corrector. 

It's okay if there's a mild discomfort, that's your body adjusting! For the first couple weeks, wear the corrector for 20 minutes a day (preferably when standing). After that, feel free to wear up to an hour a day. The idea is to have your body learn proper posture; our goal is to equip you with the knowledge of what it feels like to properly stack your body so that eventually you feel great all day - even without a corrector.