Posture Perfect - Day 2

Hello friend,

How are you feeling after yesterday’s exercise? I hope ready to proceed with day 2! How many times a day do you get up and take a breather?

Often, especially if your job requires you to work in a sitting position, we’re slouched over and forget to take care of our bodies during the day. This results in annoying back and neck pain that is super hard to get rid of.
Let's change that!
Set a timer for every hour in the day. Every time your phone beeps, roll your shoulders back a few times and circle your neck. While you do this, take a few deep breaths. Bonus points for getting up to stretch and do a lap or two around your desk! When you sit back down, remember to sit up straight. That’s it!

I told you these challenges would be easy! 

But don’t be fooled: something as simple as moving a little every hour has a drastic effect on the feelings of stiffness in the muscles, especially since the fascia, or connective tissue, is constantly growing range of movement-limiting ‘fuzz’. The best way to counter this is by moving your body!