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Exercises for Better Posture

Posted by Alex Berlin on

Exercises for Better Posture

At Berlin and Daughter, we sell more than just a product. With our posture corrector, we hope to also promote better overall health. As much as we would like to, our posture corrector can only do so much. However, with regular exercise, you can be sure to enjoy the full benefits of a healthier body and better posture as well. 

We know that this is easier said than done since most of us have schedules packed to the brim. How does one fit in some time for exercising? That is why in this article, we feature some of the easiest but more helpful exercises so you can improve your posture and health.

Why is good posture important?

For some people, it simply looks good. There’s something about a ramrod-straight posture that commands attention and respect simply because it looks dignified and elegant.

For some people, it feels good. Just stretching the shoulders back gives tremendous relief after a long period of time spent hunched over a computer.

However, it’s all about better health. You may not know this, but hunching over is bad, not only for your joints (because bad posture adds unnecessary weight to them), fatiguing them more than normal. It’s also bad for your organs. Bad posture pushes our organs (like the intestines, liver, and pancreas) downward, affecting how they perform, which can lead to obesity and more serious health issues.


How much is enough? 

The question should not be about the duration of the exercise, but the efficiency. Thirty minutes every day spent doing the most intense core-strengthening exercises can go a long way, so when choosing what to do, choose one that will push you and give you more positive results in the long run.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the exercises we recommend to help improve your posture.



It’s the most underrated but easiest exercise you can do on a daily basis. It’s a low-impact workout that helps promote improved heart and pulmonary health by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Walking also helps in better managing the blood’s insulin sensitivity, which lessens the strain on your pancreas. It builds stronger bones by preventing the loss of bone density and manages weight by burning those calories.



Our body is supported by our trunk. The muscles there work together to stabilize the spine, carrying the rest of the body and centering our weight better, alleviating unnecessary muscle strain.

It’s no secret that pilates helps in promoting better posture by teaching us how to strengthen and better use our core to help improve our posture. Regular pilates workouts can also improve flexibility. It teaches good spinal alignment and keeps us aware of our posture by encouraging “active awareness”.  


Bodyweight Strength Training

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t want to bulk up. Bodyweight Strength Training mainly helps in strengthening our muscles without straining our joints in the process, making it beneficial in improving our posture. Since our posture is mainly dependent on muscle and bone strength, bodyweight strength workouts can be very worthwhile.

Good posture goes well beyond looking good, poise and bearing. It’s also about having stronger muscles, denser bones and improved health altogether. You don’t need to go hard and heavy right away, especially if you’ve never been the exercise nut. You can start out simple and then work your way up. If you feel more comfortable just walking around the block, you can do that. Over time, you may feel the urge to do more and even join a gym! 

You can start with the exercises in this article and see how you feel after some time. You’ll be sure to feel better, be healthier and stand straighter.