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5 Common Myths About Posture

Posted by Alex Berlin on

5 Common Myths About Posture

The human body posture is dynamic, it constantly changes. As we grow, posture also changes and then it depends on our lifestyle, our sitting, standing & sleeping habits make up a good or a wrong posture.

First Myth: Bad posture can’t be changed because it is genetic.

Actually, the reality is that bad posture may be genetic, but that doesn't mean we can't do anything to make it correct or doesn't mean it's completely out of our hands. We can improve our posture: the center of the body, our core system - spinal cord, the deep abdominal muscles and the muscles closest to the spine by wearing posture corrector or you can say back support belt so that it is easier to sit and stand up straight.

Second Myth: Carrying something too heavy is okay.

The thing is, if you are going above your limits then it is bad. A person who is carrying such a heavy weight too often tends to have back pains and yes it is a risk to carry heavy stuff at back or holding heavy stuff. Posture correctors can help straightening your spine. Proper posture can not only avoid pain and fatigue but can also offer better muscle support for internal organs, the back, shoulders, and neck.

Third Myth: It’s hard to develop a good posture.

Yes, it can be tricky to develop a good posture, but a posture corrector makes it so much easier for you. It takes a bit of dedication and regular wearing of a posture corrector or posture brace or back support belt plus some amount of stretching that can lead to a good posture. Obviously, good things take time. So we’re not saying that if you are in bad shape or you are having bad posture then instantly it will be OK. But yes, with the regular use of posture corrector a good posture can absolutely be achieved.

Fourth Myth: Wearing posture corrector for the whole day can be irritable or painful.

The truth is any posture brace or posture corrector is the best tool to correct your posture. A little bit of discomfort is normal, but it shouldn’t be painful at all. The breathable, stretchy material gives the sense of freedom and doesn't make you feel bulky or heavy. The reason it it is feeling a little uncomfortable is because it’s actually re-aligning your posture. It will support the muscles of your spine that are involved in the correct upright posture and as a result, they can ease your pain whether lower back pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain, slouching or neck pain if worn correctly.

Fifth Myth: Slouching only makes me look bad -- it can't actually cause long-term damage.

Bad posture can acutally have serious effects which can be really harmful. Slouching forces the shoulders to come forward. This could lead to jaw pain, headache, shoulder and back pains. Additionally, if the mechanics of your spine are not aligning properly, it could affect your rib cage, which could damage your heart and lungs, and potentially lead to gastrointestinal issues. So we need to take slouching seriously, and a posture corrector can help in these improvements!

Good posture enhances every area of our life. Posture corrector can not only correct the alignment of the posture but also helps to strengthen the back muscles as it provides multi-purpose support enhancing our overall personality.